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Unrelenting Force is a high-end progression raiding guild on the PC-EU mega server.

Unrelenting Force is:
  • A guild which raids to have fun and is committed to it's members and wants to help them progress as much as possible
  • A drama-free guild that aims to have well organized and structured raids
  • A guild which has high expectations for every member of our guild to raid regularly to the best of their abilities. We expect our raiders to be skilled at their role, to want to improve themselves, and to help others improve.
As a guild we have completed all hardmode craglorn trials, vMoL hm, vHoF hm as well as vAS hardmode!

If you feel like this is a community you wish to be a part of please click the apply button in the top right and fill out the application form!
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@CyberOnEso / Jan 26, 2018

It is with great joy that I bring to you the news that our core group has just completed vMoL hardmode! This now means that as a guild Unrelenting Force has completed every trial in the game on vet hardmode!!! Awesome job Folks,Go UF!!! =D

@CyberOnEso / Jan 14, 2018

We just managed to complete the Sanctified achievement for vAS. Which is awarded for completing vAS with zero group deaths! Congratulations to everyone involved with us getting this achievement, even those who sadly couldn't join us on the day. Ho...